Company Profile

GN Group Limited seeks to invest in the wine sector including the agricultural and production aspects of winemaking but also related and synergistic distribution activities and sectors, including traditional distribution related activities such as luxury food, fine dining, wine tasting events etc. and newly emerging distribution sectors or activities involving e-commerce and online marketing activities related to the same.

The Directors believe these sectors not only to be well established and stable or growing but also to be capable of providing opportunities enhanced by synergies. The Directors believe the luxury food and fine dining sectors to be both aligned with and complimentary to the wine sector and intend to explore opportunities to make investments in one or more of such sectors or to seek to grow an investment in one sector through synergies afforded by another sector. Further, the Directors consider it to be self-evident that e-commerce strategies that are well conceived and well executed can be materially beneficial to any investment to which it relates and the Directors intend to actively pursue such strategies.

The Directors have many years of investment experience between them, and will seek to identify suitable investments which they believe will benefit the Company. When suitable opportunities have been identified, the Directors may appoint qualified consultants to provide advice to the Directors or use their own expertise to carry out feasibility studies on the potential investments.

The Company has not yet made any investments and has no operating history.

GN Group Limited was formerly known as Lead All Investments. The Company was incorporated and listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange in 2012 for the purpose of identifying and acquiring or investing in, and disposing of investments in business focusing on the use of multiple distribution strategies for the distribution of their goods and services.  The Company’s shareholders approved at the EGM held on 24 October 2016 that the Company will focus on identifying investment opportunities in the wine and related sectors as stated above together with the change of name to GN Group Limited to support this change of investment policy.